What Makes Our Injection Hook Velcro So Special?

Are you tired of Velcro that scratches your skin and causes discomfort? Imagine a Velcro that’s soft to the touch, barely noticeable, and perfect for delicate items like baby clothes. At YUSEN, we’ve perfected the injection hook Velcro, a game-changer in the textile industry. Let me walk you through why this innovative product stands out.

Our injection hook Velcro features low-profile hooks that are evenly arranged and meticulously aligned. The thickness is only one-third of ordinary Velcro, making it incredibly thin. When you run your fingers over it, you’ll hardly feel the hooks. This ensures it’s gentle on the skin and highly practical.

But what makes this product truly versatile? Its applications span various industries, especially the baby apparel market. From diapers to bibs, our injection hook Velcro offers a secure and comfortable solution.

Where Is Injection Hook Velcro Used?

In the baby apparel market, our injection hook Velcro is a favorite. It’s used in baby diapers, bibs, cloth diapers, bassinets, and sleep sacks. For diapers, the Velcro has an adhesive layer that sticks the hook and loop sides together. For bibs, the Velcro is sewn on, ensuring a firm yet gentle closure.

Using injection hook Velcro in baby clothing ensures safety, comfort, and environmental friendliness. It’s a win-win for both manufacturers and parents!

Why Choose PP Nylon Ultra-Thin Injection Hook Velcro?

Safety and eco-friendliness are paramount when it comes to baby products. Our PP Nylon ultra-thin injection hook Velcro is transparent, ultra-thin, and non-toxic, specifically designed for high-end baby clothes. Both sides are as smooth as if coated with glue, offering a completely non-abrasive surface, making it ideal for baby skin.

The soft and extremely delicate texture of the hook side is a pure white color, crafted for premium baby apparel. Moreover, it maintains its adhesive power even after repeated washing, ensuring long-term usability.

What Are the Advantages of Our Velcro?

1. Smooth on both sides, causing no harm to delicate baby skin.

2. Made from top-notch eco-friendly materials, free from 23 harmful substances, making it a healthy choice.

3. Maintains adhesive strength even after multiple washes, offering exceptional durability.

Where Else Can You Use Our Velcro?

Our PP Nylon ultra-thin injection hook Velcro is not just limited to baby products. It’s widely used in clothing, accessories, home textiles, and industrial fabrics. Its transparency, ultra-thin design, and non-toxic properties make it an ideal choice for various high-end applications.


Our PP Nylon ultra-thin injection hook Velcro stands out with its unique design and superior performance, making it a must-have in the baby products market. Whether it’s for diapers, bibs, or other baby apparel, our Velcro ensures safety, eco-friendliness, and practicality. Choose YUSEN for peace of mind and quality.

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