Customizable High-Strength Elastic Web Band for Boxer Shorts and Underwear

Durable and elastic jacquard woven web band, customizable in logo, size, and color, perfect for boxer shorts and underwear.

Additional information




Nylon6/6,polyester or Customized




10-50 mm / Customized


1000 yard

Sample time

2 ~ 3 days

Delivery time

7 ~ 15 days


Opp Bag + Brown box / Customized


Underwear, headband,Sports clothes


This high-strength elastic web band is ideal for boxer shorts and other garments. Made from a polyester and nylon blend, it features jacquard weaving for enhanced durability and style. Customizable in logo, size, and color, this elastic band ensures a perfect fit and personalized branding for your products. Suitable for a variety of applications including bags, garments, and home textiles.

Key Features:

  • Material: Polyester/Nylon blend
  • Customizable: Logo, size, color
  • Features: Elastic, jacquard woven
  • Applications: Boxer shorts, underwear, garments, bags, home textiles


  • High customization potential for branding
  • Durable and elastic for long-term use
  • Stylish jacquard woven design

Production Process: Manufactured using advanced jacquard weaving techniques, ensuring high quality and durability. Custom logos and colors are incorporated to meet specific branding needs.

Customer order instructions

Step 1: Customers provide samples and pictures; Accurate price to the customer’s
material requirements, size requirements, and quantity requirements shall prevail;

Step 2: Check whether the warehouse has the goods in stock. If so, the goods will
be delivered directly upon receipt of the money.

Step 3: If the customer needs to make a sample, charge a certain sample making
fee, about 7-10 days to complete the sample;

Step 4:is The customer is satisfied with the sample and decides to make large
goods. Yusen will charge a 30% deposit or the full amount to arrange the production.

Step 5 Mass production is completed, the customer pays off the balance and
arranges the delivery;

Step 6 After the delivery of bulk goods, the customer will be informed in time with
the tracking number;

Step 7 After receiving the goods, please contact us within 7 days if you find any
problem with the goods. We will not be responsible after 7 days.

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