Patch contains grooves and dimensions for a 3D, professionally designed look and feel

100% silicone /PVC materials can be stuck on your clothes, caps, and bags for a long time after ironing.

MaterialSilicone, PVC
Style Sewing patches and heat transfer  patches, flat &3D
Thickness 0.3-3mm
LogoSupport custom
UsageBags, Jackets, Purses, Backpacks Travel Cases.
OEM / ODMSupport

The difference between PVC and silicone rubber labels

Similarities between PVC and Silicone Rubber Labels

  • Visually, there is actually very little difference between PVC and silicone rubber labels
  • Both materials are good for the environment
  • Each can be completely customised with your logo and a 3D multi-colour effect
  • Both are entirely waterproof
  • Neither will have its colour fade when in direct sunlight
  • Each can be adapted to either self-adhesive or velcro backing
  • Both are very easy to sew onto textiles.

Differences between PVC and Silicone Rubber Labels

  • PVC labels are cheaper to produce than silicone ones
  • Silicone has the ability to stretch, whereas PVC rubber labels cannot
  • Silicone label material is slightly more environmentally friendly material than PVC labels. It is soft against the skin than PVC label as well
  • PVC labels can have a heat resistance up to 45- 50 degree Celsius. Silicone labels can have a heat resistance up to 200 -250 degree Celsius
  • Silicon label can be adapted to melt adhesive, whereas PVC rubber label cannot

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