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Linda sun

What Makes Our Injection Hook Velcro So Special?

This blog post explores the unique features and applications of YUSEN’s PP Nylon ultra-thin injection hook Velcro. This innovative product is praised for its low-profile, evenly arranged hooks that are gentle on the skin and only one-third the thickness of regular Velcro. It’s particularly popular in the baby apparel market, used in products like diapers and bibs. The Velcro’s transparency, ultra-thin design, and non-toxic materials make it ideal for high-end baby clothing. Its durability ensures it maintains adhesive strength even after repeated washing, making it a practical and eco-friendly choice.

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Linda sun

How Can You Tell the Quality of Hook and Loop Fasteners?

As the CEO of YUSEN, I explore the essential qualities that distinguish high-quality hook and loop fasteners from inferior ones. High-quality fasteners are identifiable by their material composition, hook and loop density, and the strength of their adhesion. The article categorizes fasteners into three primary grades: the highest quality being 100% nylon, followed by a nylon-polyester blend, and the lowest quality being all-polyester. Each type has distinct characteristics, such as smoke color and odor during burn tests, which can help in assessing their quality. Material choice not only affects the performance and durability of the fasteners but also their suitability for different environmental conditions. The article emphasizes the importance of conducting simple tests, like the peel and shear test, to evaluate the functionality of these fasteners before purchase. This knowledge is crucial for choosing the right fastener to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the product.

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Linda sun

How to Master Seven Different Sewing Techniques for Elastic Bands?

This article explores seven advanced sewing techniques specifically for attaching elastic bands to fabric, suitable for a range of garment-making projects. Each method, from basic tube stitches to more complex tight wrap techniques, is designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of clothing items. By mastering these methods, readers can improve both the durability and comfort of their apparel, ensuring high-quality results in their sewing projects. The techniques discussed are adaptable to different fabric types and elastic band widths, making them valuable for both novice and experienced sewers.

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Linda sun

How to Quickly Identify the Material of Elastic Bands Using the Burn Test?

This article provides a comprehensive guide on using the burn test to identify the materials of elastic bands. By examining the behavior of fibers such as nylon, polyester, cotton, and hemp under flame, readers can quickly and accurately ascertain their composition. Key observations include reactions to heat, associated smells, and the characteristics of ash residue, crucial for manufacturers and quality inspectors in the textile industry.

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