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What Is Yusen Industry

Our company was founded in 2003. After years of accumulation and development, we have grown from a small ribbon processing factory to a one-stop and high-end clothing accessories supplier, including ribbons, ropes, injection molding, printing, and sewing.

Our service philosophy is:

  1. Customers should not be treated as God, they should be our friends.
  2. We offer smiley service, leaving a smile in the hearts of every customer, and making chatting with us feel like a breath of fresh air.
  3. We offer efficient service to save customers time and cost.

Advantage : Source manufacturer

  • 80sets jacquard machines ,from 1CM-10CM ,184pins to 960pins .
  • 200stes ropes machine: from 1-12MM, single, double rods, and special machines.
  • 5 sets of injection molding machines.
  • 30 sets sewing machines,15 printing production lines: help customers to solve back-end.
  • Certifications:  GRS, OEKO-TEX100, TC.

In the past 20 years, we have provided high-quality elastic webbing and traction ropes to all parts of the world.


In strict accordance with the textile industry’s ISO9001, OEKO-TEX100 and other quality standards, we customize high-quality yarns, such as cotton, nylon and polyester.

Competitive Price

Large-scale production and well-trained workers reduce costs greatly.

Short Delivery

Over 100 workers in our 15,000 square meters factory,production more than Millions meters for webbing every month,that is why we can fast response on new required,customized sampling then done a deal.


Custom production taken from your own design or from our basic articles.Include jacquard,printing,silicone finished by woven or knitted are available.


100% customer satisfaction and customer repeats over the world.Timely and professional respone for enquiry will comes from our business and design team.

How Yusen Can Do Better

Team Work

Not only business problems but also development and production problems, we will all get together to solve them together.


Every year we will exhibit or visit from time to time to ensure that our products keep pace with the times.

Cultural Construction

We attach importance to the construction of team culture, and hope to optimize the corporate structure through this approach to better serve customers.

Message from the CEO

        My name is Linda Sun, warmly appreciate your attention,If you don’t mind, please allow me to share my experience and thoughts below:
        Since 1998 I have accumulated rich experience in luggage accessories, such as belts, zippers, ribbons, and so on as an office worker. Also learned a lot of shipping information, which laid a foundation for my future foreign trade work. In 2003, I set up my own company one’s main products are all kinds of woven webbing and cord. It was quite hard when just started but I never give up on my choice. I have been committed to the improvement and expansion of luggage and clothing accessories knowledge until now.
        China is in the process of ‘Made in China’ to ‘Create in China’, and the textile industry should keep pace with the times. Get rid of the embarrassing position of low value-added and pure processing, and complete the transformation of the industrial chain with creative design and mass customization. Process innovation, corporate culture sublimation, talent training, etc., is what I will do next and must do. I hope to work hard with my customers to let our team be a high-quality garment accessories industry supplier.
        Sincerely hope that our efforts can get everyone’s attention and support.