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20 years of sustainable elastic bands production experience offering one-stop service: design, cutting, sewing, printing, assembling, and packing.

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Factory Details

① Industry experience: 20 years of manufacturing experience (original factory)
② Production capacity: 3 million meters/month—elastic belt; 5 million meters/month—rope
③ Factory strength: 80 jacquard machines, ranging from 1CM-10CM, 184 needles to 1000 needles, which can meet the requirements of most customers.
④ Quality capability: multi-color accuracy rate is greater than 95%, the shrinkage rate is less than 5%
⑤ Certification in hand: OEKO-TEX, SGS, GRS, BSCI, REACH sustainable material certification.


① Fast service: 3 days fast sample production time and 10 days mass production time for free design
② Brand service: Supply CK, Tommy, NIKI, Levi’s, Puma and other elastic bands.
③ One-stop service: design, cutting, sewing, printing, assembly to packaging.
④ Flexible service:
(1) Free 2% SPARE, no after-sales hassle.
(2) Low MOQ500m for first trial order.
⑤ Market Positioning: Participate in the Magic Fashion Trade Show held in Las Vegas every year.

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About Our Process

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Purchasing environmentally friendly materials according to your pattern and design needs, and making full preparations for production.

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Combining the complete customized machinery and equipment and skilled technology of own factory, it is easy to achieve high-end customization.

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All products have undergone rigorous testing at our factory, and shipments will only be arranged after the requirements of the test are passed.

Our Products

  1. We are an elastic bands manufacturing company which produces all kinds of elastic bands, drawstring cords, webbings, shoelaces, zipper pullers, neck tapes, etc.
  2. With 20 years of production experience, we have OEKO-TEX, GRS, and SGS certifications
  3. Provide eco-friendly and sustainable materials.
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